As a community organs atom, either you are a producers group, women association, you would like your members to get benefit form your organization. You figure that your organization grows as the member grow. You thrive on building the capacity of your member, while the organization attains its visions and goal.

KEY QUESTIONS                

  • How to you increase the effectiveness of your organization? What makes it appealing for the members?

  • What drives members' active participation?

  • Or, who drives them? Who are the influencers?

  • What are the needs of the members? What bothers them? How to better understand them? How to make the best out of their qualities?

  • How to foster better communication between members? between board of committee and its members? Between our members and neighboring organizations members?

  • How to induce team-work, collective decision making, systematic solution finding?


Producers Group "Grow and Be Happy" have about 20 members, who are mostly horticulture and fruits farmers. For one and a half year now , the 20 members have established quite a solid companionship and have been for several months collectively buying, producing and selling produces. They are located next to big resort area where they often supply their produces to the passing tourists.

The members used to produce and sell produces individually while the 'group' was meant as a knowledge sharing platform, and a pool to collectively buy fertilizers and common appliances. It is only in the last few months, that they decide to start producing together in a common land plot--especially that they as a group have 'won' a land from local Agricultural authority. The leader of the group realizes also that there are new big resorts and hotels in the area that might need their produces, in a reliable and constant flow.

Running a collective business, they realize is not as easy as running individually a business. It requires systems, division of roles, profit sharing scheme, etc. They are looking for ways to lay out things: to plan their business and its development together.


SBC and CBED are especially powerful in inducing teamwork, and communication between parties, who would otherwise not cooperate. SBC and CBED structure allows system thinking that can guide any community figuring out best ways to sort and develop their business. It is even more sensible to use CBED and SBC when members are supposed to discuss about their collective business.

A low cost, easy to implement training programme for micro and small enterprises in designated common sectors. Practical training tools for use in low resource, low capacity settings.