As an enterprise, you are supporting a cause whether it is women empowerment, youth organizations, rural development, etc. With (BED and SBC you are encouraged to look for creative ways on how enterprise development and particularly microenterprise development can support your cause.

There’s no reason why you don’t directly download one of the toolkits that is relevant for you here, and run through it yourself. However, these SBC toolkits will create greater impact (for you, and for your community) when you experience it in a larger group and when possible, in a context of a larger programs. Find like-minded people and form a group, either they come from the same background and business sectors, or together with your suppliers or buyers, or even with several different business sectors. As long as you speak the same language, it’s good to go. Different training mates may give different insights, so be creative, engage with people surround you and make a good use of SBC tools.

Just do it. Learn, enjoy and share !

A low cost, easy to implement training programme for micro and small enterprises in designated common sectors. Practical training tools for use in low resource, low capacity settings.