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The two core C-BED training packages have been developed for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (AE) and for Small Business Operators (SBO).

The Aspiring Entrepreneurs (C-BED AE) package had been designed for individuals who are interested in starting a new business. The training support these aspiring entrepreneurs to identify and develop new and different business ideas. They will identify the existing demand, available resources, and their skills, and learn how to do a SWOT analysis for their business idea and their community. After working through activities on four key business concepts, participants will reflect on the lessons of the training and document concrete steps that they can take toward starting their own business.

The Small Business Operators (C-BED SBO) package is designed for individuals with existing businesses that they intend to strengthen and grow. Participants are introduced to an example of a fictional family business through which the five key principles of marketing are discussed: product, place, price, promotion, and people. After moving through activities on bookkeeping, productivity, understanding the customer base, and costing, participants will identify ways to track problems in the business and prioritize ways of addressing them.

The C-BED for Manufacturers is a tailored training tool developed for medium-size enterprise owners and addresses a range of workplace considerations for this industry.


Additional tools have been developed to promote opportunities for poor, vulnerable, and marginalized communities to access skills training to extend or improve their livelihoods.

The Migrant Women’s Empowerment Program (MWEP) tool focuses on the unique needs of this vulnerable group and builds important skills for economic and personal empowerment related to the needs of women. MWEP is an effective networking tool for organizations working with this community and is a suitable precursor to further training and support services.