SBC is part of the C-BED family, a low cost, easy to implement training program for helping entrepeneurs and business owners to plan and improve their businesses, with great utility in informal economy, vulnerable and marginalized communities. Learn more about CBED.
Microenterprise are a critical component of sustainable development: they help increase income, decrease vulnerability, and contribute to a vibrant local economy.
Many communities in the developing world are limited by social, financial or geographical factors and may not have access to traditional enterprise development training.
Nobody knows more about a community or business than the people who live and work within that community. Yet often this knowledge goes unacknowledged and untapped.


Watch a short overview of the community-based methodology and hear from entrepreneurs and training facilitators about their experience.

About C-BED

Community-Based Enterprise Development (C-BED) is a low cost, innovative training programme designed by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to support skills development and empowerment in local communities for improvements in livelihoods, productivity and working conditions.

As an approach to training, C-BED is unique in that the programme is built around peer-to-peer, activity based learning methods with no role for teachers, experts, or external consultants specialised in the skill area. Instead, C-BED participants work together through a series of activities and discussions guided only by simple step-by-step instructions in the training manual. New knowledge, skills and competencies are developed through the interactions between participants and sharing of existing local knowledge and experience. In this way the programme is a low cost, sustainable option for any organization or community.

The C-BED programme is structured around two core training packages designed to develop competencies for business start-up and operation through a focus on marketing, financial management, and action planning. These are the C-BED for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and C-BED for Small Business Operators. Additionally, a growing suite of tools to strengthen business competencies and enhance skills for specific sectors is in continual development.



Watch a short overview of the community-based methodology and hear from entrepreneurs and training facilitators about their experience.

About SBC

SBC is the family of CBED that aims at providing a set of tools for countries across ASEAN to develop and upgrade specific/micro small business in common sectors, providing entrepreneurs, across the sectors’ value chain and those who work with them guidance on how to establish, run and improve the business – boosting competitiveness and improving services.

Through its tools, ASEAN ILO Small Business Competitiveness Program improves capacity of direct recipients of the project to assist the micro, small and medium enterprises in the common sectors identified. The great majority of employment creation in ASEAN has taken place in the informal sector, and it is the selfemployed operators of microenterprises, especially those in marginalised communities, which are the intended targets of this project. In this current phase, SBC team proudly presents an array of tools for Tourism Sector.

The selection of tourism Sector, is based on analysis of different factors: commonality of practices across ASEAN countries, availability of distribution channels, opportunity of SME development, pro-poor and MDG linkages, as well as sound ILO experience in the sector and in the region.

We encourage you to be creative in adopting the modules, mix and match it with your ongoing programs, and with other CBED / SBC modules. Enjoy!